Advanced Grammar and Rhetoric

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Advanced Grammar and Rhetoric
How do students achieve grammatical competence, status, conflicts, and best practices? Grammatical competence can be achieved through considerable practice, usage and exposure to grammar structures. We recognize grammar as a set of prescriptive rules which can help us to learn a second language more quickly and efficiently. However, by merely teaching grammar rules and having the students memorize them will not help students achieve grammatical competence. Language acquisition does not require extensive use of grammar and laborious drills since we can subconsciously acquire grammatical competence. As teachers, we can let our students know about these grammatical patterns but exhausting our students in mastering them do not contribute in acquiring language fluency. For this reason, it is therefore needed to be explicitly taught to students in context. Moreover, being one of the critical areas of communicative competence, grammatical competence focuses on command of the language code, including such things as the rules of words and sentence formation, meanings, spelling as well as pronunciation. This interrelation may seem to be complicated. Nevertheless, we should pay attention not only to form and usage, but also considering meaning is very important.

In teaching grammar, our goal is to acquire the knowledge of, and the ability to use expressions that are grammatically correct and accurate. It is best to integrate other skills such as listening, reading and writing in acquiring fluency and accuracy. For instance, a student may unconsciously acquire grammatical competence through reading by utilizing his own comprehension in understanding grammatical items in context. Speaking and listening to common grammatical forms are other ways of acquiring language proficiency. This implies that the natural process of acquiring a language is the only practical way for them to gain...
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