Advanced Example of Aiaa Technical Conference

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Advanced Example of AIAA Technical Conference
First A. Author∗ and Second B. Author∗
Business or Academic Affiliation, City, Province, Zipcode, Country

Third C. Author†
Business or Academic Affiliation, City, Province, Zipcode, Country

This is the advanced example employing L TEX to produce an AIAA technical conference paper. Please read the Known Problems in the Users Manual before attempting to use this example as a template. Fundamental topics are covered in the bare-bones template. A

For detailed AIAA layout and style guidelines, please refer to the AIAA L TEX Package Users Manual, aiaa.pdf.



an example of a dropped capital
at the beginning of a paragraph using the
This ispackage is usually to retrievewithlettermorefrom the Comprehensive T X Archivelettrine(CTAN), This
comprehensive TEX distributions, but those with more
trim installations may need
this package

which is located at This package does not gracefully handle the AIAA class’ submit option. 2And this is an example of a dropped capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph using the dropping package. This package is a bit less refined than the lettrine package, but some authors may already have A

it around if they used the old (unofficial) L TEX AIAA distribution. This package accommodates the AIAA class’ submit option.
In an effort to more tightly integrate text and image, the wrapfig package is employed. This package works by modifying paragraph shape to accommodate a figure (or a table or other items). Typically one inserts its wrapfigure or wraptable environment just before the paragraph in which it is to be placed. Also specified is the width of the item to be inserted and the placement, for example, left or right side. (This package does not provide for center placement.) The rest of this paragraph is filler so that the wrapfigure example will be placed in this paragraph. Documentation of the wrapfigure package is available at the end of the style A

file itself (check the package loading lines shown during L TEX processing to find its location).
Code listings and other such artifacts can be typeset in a large variety Figure 1. Magnetization as a function of applied field.
of styles by using the fancyvrb package.

def testCircularAdvection
position.each_index do |i|
@position = position[i]
assert_equal speed[i], waveSpeed

Tables with footnotes, such as table 1 on page 4, can be coded using the threeparttable package. Note: This table was purposely placed on another page through the use of the ∗ Job
† Job

Title, Department, Address, and AIAA Member Grade.
Title, Department, Address, and AIAA Member Grade.

1 of 4
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

[p] placement specifier to demonstrate the automated page reference mechanism provided by the varioref package. Of course, one would normally have the table integrated into the text that describes it. Equation (1) is serving as a demonstration of the nomenclature package. Ji · ∆xi+1 = −f i


The same can be said for Eq. (2) that uses α to add another Greek letter to the mix. F = mα


The nomencl package is fed entries with the \nomenclature command. These entries are then collected and sorted using makeindex. The optional sorting argument to the \nomenclature command uses a key of ‘b’ for subscripts, ‘g’ for Greek symbols, ‘c’ for conventions, and ‘t’ for superscripts. When many figures share a similar style and beg to be compared to one another, the subfigmat and subfigure packages can be used to create a matrix of subfigures as shown by figure 2 on the next page. These are called “small multiples” by Tufte.?



This had been a brief example of some of the more advanced options available for L TEX. Please see the documentation for each package for extended discussion or usage.

1 Tufte,

E. R., The Visual...
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