Advanced Biology Final Exam: Question Pape

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Advanced Biology Final Exam / Fall 2011

Short Answer

1.Which of the following is a false statement regarding deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)?

2.Which of the following properties or processes do we associate with living things?

3.Which component is not directly involved in translation?

4.The anticodon of a particular tRNA molecule is

5.Which of the following types of mutation, resulting in an error in the mRNA just after the AUG start of translation, is likely to have the most serious effect on the polypeptide product?

6.Why might a point mutation in DNA make a difference in the level of protein's activity?

7.Once transcribed, eukaryotic mRNA typically undergoes substantial alteration that includes

8.What are the coding segments of a stretch of eukaryotic DNA called?

9.The TATA sequence is found only several nucleotides away from the start site of transcription. This most probably relates to which of the following?

10.The genetic code is essentially the same for all organisms. From this, one can logically assume all of the following except

11.What is the basis for the difference in how the leading and lagging strands of DNA molecules are synthesized?

12.E. coli cells grown on 15N medium are transferred to 14N medium and allowed to grow for two more generations (two rounds of DNA replication). DNA extracted from these cells is centrifuged. What density distribution of DNA would you expect in this experiment?

13.The leading and the lagging strands differ in that

14.What is meant by the description "antiparallel" regarding the strands that make up DNA?

15.What kind of chemical bond is found between paired bases of the DNA double helix?

16.Which of the following can be determined directly from X-ray diffraction photographs of crystallized DNA?

17.Which of the following investigators was/were responsible for the following discovery? In DNA from any species, the amount of adenine equals the amount of thymine, and the amount of guanine equals the amount of cytosine.

18.In trying to determine whether DNA or protein is the genetic material, Hershey and Chase made use of which of the following facts?

19.In his transformation experiments, what did Griffith observe?

20.A pedigree analysis for a given disorder's occurrence in a family shows that, although both parents of an affected child are normal, each of the parents has had affected relatives with the same condition. The disorder is then which of the following?

21.A man with Klinefelter syndrome (47, XXY) is expected to have any of the following EXCEPT

22.Which of the following statements concerning prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is not correct?

23.A cell divides to produce two daughter cells that are genetically different.

24.The fact that all seven of the pea plant traits studied by Mendel obeyed the principle of independent assortment most probably indicates which of the following?

25.Chromatids are separated from each other.

26.Which of the following occurs in meiosis but not in mitosis?

27.What is the difference between a monohybrid cross and a dihybrid cross?

28.Huntington's disease is a dominant condition with late age of onset in humans. If one parent has the disease, what is the probability that his or her child will have the disease?

29.Which describes the ABO blood group system?

Use the following information to answer the questions below.

Radish flowers may be red, purple, or white. A cross between a red-flowered plant and a white-flowered plant yields all-purple offspring. The part of the radish we eat may be oval or long, with long being the dominant characteristic.

30.A 1:2:1 phenotypic ratio in the generation of a monohybrid cross is a sign of

31.Mendel's second law of independent assortment has its basis in which of the following events of meiosis I?

32.When crossing an organism that is homozygous...
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