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Topics: Medical ethics, Health care, Euthanasia Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Running Head: LIVING WILL

Advance Directives
Tamerla Glenn
October 14, 2012

Legal and Ethical Basis for Advance Directives
Advance directives could be defines as the legal documents that allow a person to convey his/her decisions about the end-of life care. In other terms, advance directives are the documents, which are used to communicate the wishes of a person about his/her health care decision in the conditions in which that person has become unable to make healthcare decisions (Meisel & Cerminara, 2004). It is the expressions of a living in advance or the preferences/instructions of that person for health care. Advance directives could be of two types one is living wills and other is durable powers of attorney for health care. Advance directives are formed with legislative actions if they are constructed as per the legal requirements. These directives are legally recognized documents, which have important consequence over the future heal care conditions. It should be formed with the help of a legal advisor in a proper manner as it is the reflection of an individual’s future health treatment preferences (Klingensmith, 2007). It is only determined valid, if it is designed with compliance of state law. Many states have specific forms for directives, which are required to fill by people interested in making advance directives. On the other hand, some states require writing advance directives in a standardized way (Meisel & Cerminara, 2004). There are some ethical bases also for advance directives. It is essential for medical professionals to keep the information of advance directives confidential as far as that individual is able to make decisions for future health care (Voltz,, 2004). The medical team is also require to take consent of family members as sometimes family members have issue on the authority of patient’s living will. Thus, this issue should be solved with family members. At the same time, it should be...
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