Adv & Disadvantages of Leadership Development Methods

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  • Published : August 11, 2012
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Method| Description| Action| Advantages| Disadvantages| Induction Process| New leaders must be inducted into the team and leadership culture and must be made aware of the expectations and developmental requirements that come with each promotion| * Meeting key staff members * Discussion and understanding of the leadership strategy * Assessments carried out to identify areas for development| * Introduction to key people either as stakeholders, holders of position or power * Understanding of the development opportunities available| * The quality of the induction is dependent on the questions and answers provided| Assessments| Assessments are used to help individuals gain self-awareness,but also to provide information that allows the team to identify talent that is a good fit with available positions or project allocationOn the team level, assessments determine how the team and its leaders are performing or the impact of development activities on business results.| * Use of the NHS Framework assessments * Team working and * Team maturity level assessments * Followership assessments * Management style assessments * Leadership style assessments * 360o feedback| * Gives a clear picture of how people ‘tick’ * Provides a team building opportunity * Enables team members to begin to understand others * Enables team members to recognise traits in others with whom they work outside the team| * Is dependent on complete honest and realistic self assessment| Mandatory/Essential Learning| Leadership and management roles have essential education criteria set. Team members will either enter the team already with these qualifications or be given the opportunity to gain the qualification within six months of taking up the post.Professional qualifications that require refreshing will be supported if they are an essential criteria for the post| * Trust induction * Trust Essential Update training * Manual Handling...
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