Adults Have Responsibility to All Children in Their Society

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  • Published : December 13, 2008
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Angelo Lin
Adults have responsibility to all children in their society

Nowadays, things such as TV and Internet have enriched people’s everyday life. Along with the improvement with technology, people’s minds have changed as well. Parents become more concerned about their children’s education. However, they have over-stressed on children’s education and some ignore their emotional developments. As a result of that, children tend to be more adhered to their parents and less dependent; which lead to immaturity, impulsiveness, and violence. Since their children affect others in schools and society as well, adults are responsible to all children in the society.

First of all, parent’s indulgence towards their children is one key factor of this problem. That is to say, the parents let their children to mistreat themselves as long as they achieve what the parents expect. For example, it is common that the parents promise their child for video games that are inappropriate. It is possible that the violence in games affect the child’s minds and attitude. The accident of college students racing cars in downtown is a real life model. The students have excellent grades in their schools. They were obsessed by the game called “Meet for Speed”, which encouraged their desire to race on the street. In relation to Romeo and Juliet, Romeo, a spoiled playboy who changes his girlfriend everyday was not exposed to reality since he was over-protected by his family. Before his banishment, Romeo was solely an immature teenager who deeply believed in fate. In truth, Romeo had isolated himself and lived in an ideal world. By doing so, Romeo had no experience how to deal with crises. His impulsiveness indicates that he had learned little about the “real world” during the time in his “shell” (he locked himself in bedroom and write poems). The Montagues, who cherished Romeo and letting him do whatever he wants had planted the seed of Romeo’s rashness. Therefore, it is parents’ duty to...
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