Adult Life

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What I feel the definition of being an adult means to be mature and responsible with your things that you have to do in life to life basics. Age doesn’t have anything to do with being mature or being in the adult section. It’s about self realization of you becoming mature. Some people when there maturing there starting college, or a new job, or even just going through with your life. When you are an adult you can make life judgments without any ones help from family or friends. You start identifying yourself of how independent you can be by your own.

One important thing that you need to be an adult is responsibility. You would need responsibility towards your family, friend members, and yourself. As a member of society you would need to engage in the community you live in, so you know your whereabouts in the place you live at. You can have a social responsibility which means to volunteer and recycle to keep the place clean. If you’re a responsible friend you would help him or her to make a good decision before he realizes he make a bad mistake. Be there for hem whenever he needs help.

A responsible adult will take care of their family and help support them when they need it. Your family should be an important thing in your life. Also you should be respectful of your mom and dad, brothers and sisters. A good father or mother for your child. Without responsibility you won’t be able to fulfill your duties of being a good parent. Without it you might forget to pick up dinner for your wife. Or you could be late to pick up your son from soccer practice.

As an adult, you would need to be financially responsible to support yourself. You can’t expect to be taking care of a family if you can barely support yourself. It’s an adult’s responsibility to pay the bills of the house, and worry about the money to see if he has enough to support himself. But a responsible adult is usually good with money, so he won’t be low for the month. He would know how to save money,...
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