Adult Learning Theory

Topics: Learning, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Adult Learning Theory
Cedric A. Smith
March 5, 2013
INFT 101 – B63 LUO

Adult learning theory focuses on educating adults in a style that best relates to the life and experiences. Adults and children learn in different ways. It has been found that children learn because they have to, while adults learn for reasons usually based on self motivated factors or androgogy (Holt, 2011). “Teaching that transforms: Facilitating life change through adult Bible teaching” by Richard A. Holt (2011), it is stated that it is necessary to bring both concepts of the Bible teaching and contemporary adult learning theories together for the most effectiveness. In the Holt article; it is shown that Biblical explanation and interpretation assist the adult learner in gaining knowledge. The choices one makes gives real world perspective and power can only be obtained by the Holy Spirit. The article discusses the styles in which adult learning makes a difference, whether androgogy, transformative learning or self-directed learning (Holt). “Adult Learning Theory for the Twenty-First Century” discusses the goals of educators to better prepare themselves to better deal with adult learners. Over the last 15 years, learning theories have changed very aggressively (Merriam, 2008). As adults continue to develop human physiology changes, thus learning teaching styles have to change to keep up. It has been recognized that with time everything that adults experience is part of the learning process. It has been further recognized that educators have to increase their tool set to involve creative and artistic modes of teaching to reach a wider audience. Both articles cover the ever-changing dynamics of the human psyche and educational styles and requirements in dealing with adult learning. Educators have to continue to increase knowledge both for themselves as well as those whom they are educating. Where the styles of the teaching process in the Holt (2011) article...
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