Adult Educator Interview

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  • Published : January 10, 2011
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Adult Educator Interview



November 8, 2010

Adult Educator Interview

The thought of becoming an adult educator is exciting and new to this author. The education realm is what a facilitator makes of it. The class can be stimulated or withdrawn just by the actions the class leader has taken. A positive experience is what this author would love to make her goal so she can be remember as the individual who made a difference. One inspiration is that of Jeremy Neville. The great thing about this person is not only does this author have the pleasure of working with him daily but she is able to see his life as an educator. This individual is very motivated with a big heart and is the reason he was chosen for the interview. This paper will speak of his background, andragogical techniques used, models used, and challenges/benefits with working with adults. Background, Experience, and Training

In order to be an instructor for the University of Phoenix you must start with the application process. After the initial screening and a rigorous training period, a criminal investigation must be passed to be eligible for the position (Byk, 2009). There are two stages to the initial training. The first stage is a one day seminar where the individual will complete some assignments after studying the policy and procedures manuals. Also, an orientation mentor will interact with the individual giving discussions questions. Incomplete or late responses are looked down on and can terminate the individual’s candidacy (Byk, 2009). Next is the specialized training which is completed after orientation. A moderator will will attend a discussion group with the individual discussing topics on the online teaching environment and how to help learners within the class. This is made up to simulate what the students are currently doing on a daily basis. After successfully passing a criminal background check and completing the training a...
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