Adult Daycare

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Adult Daycare Business PlanThe adult daycare business plan deals with serious subject matter, but it doesn't need to dwell on any issues other than the market opportunity locally and the potential pro forma financials for your business. The reasons why adult care may be required are numerous, but your market analysis does not need to parse these issues apart—it's better to look at the adult population from Census data and apply national average figures on the need for adult care, the incidence of debilitating conditions, and so forth. Creating a baseline like this can assist you in your pro forma as well, as you should have an assumptions table that an investor or banker can refer back to in order to fact-check your projections. This business plan should answer:•Where will the facility be located?• What amenities will it offer?• Will you permit round-the-clock care, and if not what are the hours of operation?• What strategies will you use to get paying members?• How much capital are you seeking for the adult daycare?An adult daycare business plan needs to give information about the owners/managers as well as the caregivers and staff. What is your background and how are you suited to run a company of this type? More to the point, how will you recruit, train, and retain the employees who have direct interaction with the adults in your care? What medical training will these individuals have? A personnel plan is an essential part of the financial model for a business plan like this. You will also need to include a break-even schedule, revenue forecast, and profit and loss statement along with a running cash flow and balance sheet. MasterPlans can write this entire business plan so you don't have to—you can trust our team and its expertise; we've been working on business plans since 2002! (877) 453-2011.

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