Ads Influence on Women

Topics: Advertising, Woman, Mass media Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Influence of Ads on Women
Televisions, billboards, magazines, ads of every sort are everywhere we look. In these ads are the woman’s persona of how they should look and act. Stereotypically the ads make us believe women are supposed to be sexy, great career driven super mothers, and the perfect wife. Advertisement conveys a negative influence on all women and the way they should represent themselves and how their body should look according to how the advertisement portrays them. Women in advertisements weren’t always portrayed as this “superwoman” who does it all. These ads still had a stereotypical aspect to them. They showed women as innocent, quiet and weak individuals who cooked and cleaned for her husband. Today the women are showed to be a great mother, wife, and career driven. The clichéd forms of women from the past have disappeared to only have new ones take their place, while some have not changed at all. Because of the feminists movement the image of a women in today’s society has revolutionized from the past. Although the women are moving up and are seen as stronger than before they are now seen as a role that is near impossible to fulfill. To be the perfect women of today’s advertisement they have to be in shape, cook, clean, work, laundry, take care of the kids, keep the husband happy, and look good. As a result women are more stressed than ever trying to fulfill all of the requirements because this is what they believe will make them happy. Between Victoria Secret and Olay commercials there is so much influence on just how a women should look conditioning them to believe if they aren’t a certain way then they aren’t pretty, not to mention all the reality shows telling girls that acting like a bitch and always having their way could land them on TV someday. In attempt to sell their products, advertisers put emphasis on sexuality and the importance of physical attractiveness. The idea that thin is in is everywhere, and every where there is magazine...
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