Adrenalin Rush

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Priam Pages: 5 (1983 words) Published: January 10, 2012
The world was getting too crowded and so, Zues, created a war and that was the Trojan war... Farwell between Hector and Andromache
Iliad book VI
Hector: (went in the house looking for Andromache)
(He looked everywhere but she’s not there)
Be so good to tell me where your mistress has gone. To one of my sisters or to Athena’s temple where the women are making supplication? Housekeeper: No, sir, not to any of the family, nor to Athena’s where the women are all gone to offer their supplication. Housekeeper2: to tell the truth, sir. She has gone up on the walls, because she heard that our people were in danger and the enemy was getting the best of it. She just gone off in a great hurry like one distracted, with the nurse carrying the boy. (Hector went back by same way along the streets till he reached Scaian gates.) (Andromache saw him and run towards him. The nurse followed her carrying the child.) Andromache: My dearest, how can you do it? Your courage will be your death! Have you no pity for your baby, or your unhappy wife, who will soon be your widow! Soon the enemies will rush upon you and kill you! And I, if I lose you, it would be better for me to go down into my grave. There will be no comfort for me if you are killed, but only sorrow. (Hector put his arms on her shoulder)

Hector: I won’t be killed promise. (Smiled)
Andromache: I have no father and no mother now. My father was slain by Achilles; he lay waste my home. Thebe, with its lofty towers; he killed Eetion, my father. My seven brothers all went down to Hades in one day for that terrible Achilles killed them all amid their cattle and sheep. My mother, who was queen in that place, was brought away a prisoner. (Cries) So you are my father and my mother, Hector; you are my brother; you are my loving husband! Then pity me and stay here behind the walls; do not make your boy an orphan and your wife a widow! But post your men by the fig tree, where the wall may be scaled most. Hector: I have not forgotten all that, my wife, but I could not show my face before the men or the women of Troy if I sulked like a coward out of the way. And I will not do it, for I have learned how to bear myself bravely in front of the battle and to win credit for my father and for myself. One thing I know indeed in my heart and soul-a day shall come when scared Troy shall perish, and Priam and the people of Priam; but my sorrow is not so much for what will happen to the people, or to my mother, or King Priam, or my brothers, when all those good and true men shall fall in the dust before the enemies-but for you, when armed men shall drive you away weeping and take from you the day of freedom. To think that you should live in a foreign land, ply the loom at the orders of another woman; that should carry water from strange fountains, crushed under stern necessity-a hateful task! That someone should see you shedding tears, and say ‘there is Hector’s wife, and he was the first and best brave Trojans when there was a war about Troy’-and he will make your pain ever fresh, while there is no such man to save you from the day of slavery. May I be dead and buried deep in the earth before I hear your cries and see you dragged away! (Hector tries to held hands to his son, but the child was afraid of him for he was wearing his armour.) (Hector took off his helmet, grabs his son and raised him)

Hector: o Zeus and all ye heavenly gods! Grant this, my son, may be as notable among our people as I am, and let him be as strong, and let him rule Troy in his strength! When he goes to war, let them say ‘This man is much better than his father!’ May he kill his enemy and bring home the bloodstained spoils and give joy to his mother’s heart. (Hector kissed the forehead of his wife)

*THE clashing!!!!!*
Achilles: (shouting) Hector!!!!!!....... Hector!!!!....... Get out there!!!! Let’s fight!!!! (at the walls)
Hector: my love, farewell. Don’t cry for I will be back bringing Achilles’...
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