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Alternative Dispute Resolution for Learning Teams

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ADR -Alternative Dispute Resolution for Learning Teams.
* The Arbitration process will be addressed in the case of any dispute, claim or complaint that arises between team members from a situation that will affect in a negatively manner the grades of the teamwork. Considering:

I. That an individual or workgroup is being negatively affected by the actions or irresponsibility of a team member. II. That there is a reasonable statement of the affected parties to start an ADR process. III. That the defendant failed to comply with its contributions or participations, and did not post any kind of notice or advised its peers of the inability to get the shared part of the work done with at least 36 hours before the assignment due date. IV. Defendant failed to communicate or initiate the process to share key information to complete the assignment. V. That the affected parties considered and exhausted other means of resolution without any result. Having posted the rules to start an ADR, the arbitration process will be arranged to take place within 24 hour notice in advance to both parties, if the defendant fails to appear or to communicate with the group will enter in guiltiness by default. ADR will proceed as follows: I. Parties will choose a neutral third party to hear evidence, and testimony and decide the case. II. Demanding party will present its case and evidence and make the initial statement. III. Defendant will present its reply and any electronic or physical evidence that supports his case. IV. The third party must make a resolution once both parts have presented their cases and respective evidences. V. Resolution reached will be irrevocable.

Once that the resolution has been implemented there will be an acknowledgement signed by all parties the defendant and the plaintiff.

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