Adr and Litigation

Topics: Dispute resolution, Alternative dispute resolution, Lawsuit Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Alternative Dispute Resolutions has helped in the resolving of the issues faced in the Civil Justice Process. The Civil Justice System did not even have much of any of the methods used now before Lord Woolf came along. Lord Woolf wanted to reform the Civil Justice System because he found that it lacked just about everything. He wanted fairness for litigants and appropriate procedures at a reasonable cost and cases to be dealt with at reasonable speeds and many other things which will be brought to light below. On the 26th of July 1996 Lord Woolf published his Access to Justice Report and in 1999 his reforms came into action. Although ADR rather than litigation has posed a number of problems for the Civil Justice System, these matters have been largely resolved by Lord Woolf’s Reforms. The main objectives of the civil justice process come in the form of being just, accessible, efficient, timely and effective. Lord Woolf saw that these objectives won’t being met so he had some ideas in order to bring those objectives more to light. Before Lord Woolf’s Reform, settlement posed a number of Problems. The Civil Justice Process depended on Civil Litigation to resolve all of their issues and this process was seen as too slow, too expensive, too uncertain and too adversarial and because of the issues faced by litigation justice was not being delivered. Lord Woolf’s final report was in 1996 and it survived further review from the newly appointed Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine. The New CPR finally came into being on the 26th of April; 1999.The Access to Justice Act 1999 replaced legal Aid for personal injury with conditional fee agreements and introduced recoverability of success fees and after-the-events premiums. Before Lord Woolf, the main source of settlement was litigation and litigation posed a number of problems. It was too expensive in that cost often exceeded the value of the claim. Statistics put forward by the Civil Review...
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