Adoption: the Legal and Permanent Guardian of a Child Process

Topics: Adoption, Foster care, Foster care adoption Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: February 12, 2013
“Adoption is the process of becoming the legal and permanent guardian of a child when there has been a termination of parental rights.” Adoption is an overwhelming experience. Before you can start the process, you must understand how adopting works and you will have to know what you need, want, and expect from this experience. You must know the type of adoption you want, the details of interacting with the biological parents, and the eligibility requirements. There are different types of adoption: domestic, international, closed, open, agency, private, and foster. Domestic and international speak for themselves. * Foster care adoption is the adoption of children in state care for whom reunification with their birth parents is not possible for safety or other reasons. It is arranged by state child welfare agencies or by private agencies under contract with the states. * A closed adoption is when no identifying information about the biological family or the adoptive family is shared between the two. There is no contact between birth parents and adoptive parents. * In an open adoption, there is still some form of association between the adoptive parents, adopted child, and birth parents. This can range from letter and picture sharing to phone calls and visits. Many adoptions of older children and teens are at least partially open, since the children may know contact information about members of their birth-families, and sometimes the adoptive parents feel obliged to let the birth parents stay in contact with the child because they feel they owe it to the mother for giving up the child. * An agency adoption is one that is arranged by a public or private adoption agency. * A private adoption is arranged through a delegate such as a lawyer, physician, or other facilitator, rather than through a licensed adoption agency.

Why adoption? The main reasons people adopt children are because of infertility, labor problems (diabetes, heart problems, labor...
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