Adoption and Genie S Parents

Topics: Adoption, Family, Foster care Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Bryan Bates
Introduction to Sociology
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Current date: Sept. 28, 2006

Reaction Paper: “The Wild Child”

This little girl was found, locked up in a toilet chair for almost thirteen years. The little girl was named Genie, a metaphor for being like a Genie in a Lamp, brought into a new society. Once found her father committed suicide and her mother went to jail, eventually released. Genie was this very fragile little girl who won the hearts of many people; doctors and scientists alike. Genie never made any sounds, because she seemed apparent, that she was beaten when making vocal sounds. The debate raged, determining if Genie had brain damaged, or was just mentally handicapped. After weeks of hard work, Genie was learning words, sentences and how to interact with humans again. Dr. Kent decided to be Genie’s foster parent, to be near her side during breakfast, testing, and for bed time, until a great family was willing to adopt, where then the Butler family decided, they wanted to adopt Genie. However, Aug 13, the Butler family denied adoption. David Rigler stepped in, where he’d be Genies new foster father. After a short time, Genies mother decided to care for her child again, but failed, not being able to handle the situation, where then Genie was adopted for the fifth time, and punished severely for puking, never again to open her mouth in fear. Also, during that time, the Medical research center was sued for the mistreating Genie, doing more experiments versus the needs of Genie. Genie now lives in a new home in South California.

I can’t believe parents would do such things to their children, as Genie’s parents did. If you don’t want children or can’t care for your child, then put them up for adoption, or ask for Government assistance. I am appalled that such things happened to Genie, especially being severely punished for puking on the carpet. Things happen, but don’t scare, an already fragile child out of her...
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