Adopt an Agency: Report

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  • Published : March 25, 2011
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‘Adopt an Agency’ Report

Lecturer: Anne Llewellyn

Student: Emile van Schalkwyk

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This report takes an investigative look at the operations of a media agency throughout all its structural functions. The report outlines the specific media responsibilities, mandatory requirements and management considerations involved in the effective coordination and execution of a client account. The reports content is a reflection of considerable research conducted on the agency structure of PHD Australia.


Established in 2008, PHD Media Australia is a strategic media buying and communications agency. Formerly Total Advertising, PHD was acquired by the Omnicom Group Inc (OMC) from Clemenger in early 2008, which marked the beginnings of the agencies Australian operations. The organisation operates as a media services specialist under the umbrella operations of OMNICOM Media Group (OMG), a multi-national media services division of OMNICOM Group Inc (OMC), one of the worlds’ largest marketing and media communications companies. As the strategic holding company, Omnicom (OMC) manages a portfolio of global market leaders comprised of three global advertising agency networks, BBDO, DDB and TBWA, a global network of more than 175 marketing services companies and Omnicom Media Group, offering services in over 30 marketing communications disciplines across more than 200 strategic brand platforms.

OMNICOM Media Group (OMG) includes the full service media networks OMD, PHD and Prometheus, as well as a number of smaller specialist media communication companies, ICON International, NOVUS, OMG Outdoor Media Group, RESOLUTION Media and SINGER Direct.

PHD has a global representation with over 59 offices and 2000 media professionals spread across all six continents and major cities. PHD Australia is a sub-division of PHD Asia Pacific, and employs 85 staff in their Sydney offices with client billings of A$ 100 million annually. Any changes in strategic company direction, branding, philosophy and structure are managed via the Asia Pacific head quarters in Singapore.



In essence, the sole function of a Media Agency is to guarantee the clients’ message is being seen, read or heard by the consumer in the most appropriate and relevant environment. Given the importance of this function, the Media Agency plays a very important role in determining the creative brief through manipulating who to target, how to effectively communicate with the target and where to communicate with them in order to stand out in what is a very cluttered environment.

The key departmental responsibilities that engage in this function are outlined and characterised below.

CEO – Manages and directs the Media Agency towards achieving optimum profitability by driving opportunities to grow the client base. This is carried out by maximising the effective use of both business assets and human resources. The CEO also organises and controls major functions relating to the operating and administrative functions of the Agency through subordinate coordination with senior executives.

MANAGING DIRECTOR – The MD is essentially responsible for guiding the employees and the agency towards specific financial and operational objectives. The MD liaises closely with the CEO in defining the parameters of the Agency goals and direction and relays this to the senior executives

GROUP ACCOUNT DIRECTOR – Is responsible for a group of clients within the Media Agency and acts as the representative function in discussing and coordinating the direction of the desired campaign. Herein the Group Account Director is accountable for the entire groups’ output, for the management of the group accounts and for the quality of the final execution.

SENIOR ACCOUNT DIRECTOR – Is responsible for investment in...
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