Adophle Sax: Saxophone History

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Adolphe Sax
Saint Leo University
Markus Golden


Behind every song is an artist or composer, and behind every pitch there is an instrument or tool that’s used to reach these heights. There is a historic and a great profound interest for the in these instruments, such as the Saxophone. Not only is beautiful for its tone, but elegant in its looks. It would intrigue anyone who has musical background or just loves the sound these musical tools playing in harmony. There is a bit of history in the origination of the saxophone. From the making of it, to where it’s being used to perform in extraordinary pieces of music. This paper will explore who and how made the saxophone, and its introduction to fame.

The saxophone was created by a Belgian man named Adolphe Sax. This passionate creator was born on was born on Nov. 6, 1814 in Dinant, Belgium. His father Charles Sax made musical instruments which influenced him a great amount. Adolphe as he was young studied the clarinet and the flute at an institution called at Brussel's Conservatory ("Adophle Sax.”). His father’s passion only passed down to Adolphe, and intrigued Adolphe to perfect the sound. His objective was to perfect the bass and tone which he accomplished. The way he accomplished this was remanufacturing it by using a single reed instrument made out of metal. It was more technical but had octave near the over blows. Adolphe was already a skilled musician and knowledgeable, as he began to observe the conflicts between woodwind instruments and brass instruments. His observation was that the brass instruments over power the woodwinds and then the woodwinds would over power the string instruments. With these ideas, he created the Saxophone. In 1841, Adolphe Saw finally showed his creation to a composer named Hector Berlioz. Sax definitely impressed the great composer with the instrument being unique and versatile. In 1842, Sax went to...
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