Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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In the twentieth century, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin as the two most prestigious leaders, they have made their outstanding contributions to their countries, but when they died, left behind is eternal notoriety. Two dictators, from red country and black country, who were on totally opposing sides.  Although Hitler and Stalin hated each other, the two leaders were similar in many ways. The most important similar thing is they all would do what they could to benefit their countries. Each of their countries had suffered great losses in World War I and were still trying to recover when they came into power. Restoring the power back into their countries was of great importance to both men. In some way they all did it. Before World War I, the GDP of The Soviet union was just the 17% of Germany, but 1937, the GDP of The Soviet union was miraculously became the second one in the world, just behind the US. Also, Hitler not only let Germany got out of the hyperinflation which is the worse economic woes since 1926, but also let Germany from the severe recession sweeping the world rapid recovery over the first, equipped the country with surprising speed, let it became the most powerful country in Europe. I always think the basic standard of inspection a leader is for private or national service is: did He appoint relatives to key positions. The relationship between bloods in the political arena is undoubtedly the most reliable, is the best way to enforce their own power. So the leaders of countries have much whether the power from his selfishness can get much benefit of relatives. Stalin and Hitler's relatives have a common characteristic of the two leaders: relatives of the two leaders have no influence on national affairs, and never out of public places. When Stalin's eldest son was captured by the Germans, are required for the exchange of German Field Marshal, Stalin silent, and half the day, said: "I cannot use a marshal for a soldier." Then his eldest son was...
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