Adolf Hitler Called Himself a Christian

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Adolf Hitler called himself a Christian. Widely recognized as one of the most nefarious world leaders to ever hold power, Hitler's Christian education led him to organize the "extermination" of over six million Jews, as he was also responsible for over forty six million European casualties during World War II. Hitler believed that the extermination of the Jews was for the good of Germany and that he was doing the work of the Lord. However, his actions may have come moreover from his own insight and hatred of the Jews and people of many different races and religions. Hitler's religious views and beliefs, as well as the church and various religious and political leaders whom he idolized as an adolescent, played a sizable role in motivating his course of action during World War II. Though Hitler developed masterful public speaking skills and methods of persuasion, much of his success as a political leader would not have been possible without Protestant and Catholic support. In fact, as a child, Hitler and his peers were taught by Catholic priests and Protestant ministers that the Jews were inferior to him. Many people don't realize that the judgmental views Adolf Hitler held were also those of the majority of Germany, including the church, meaning Hitler had been more misguided by the church than anything. Frankly, Hitler lived in a time period when the church displayed particularly judgmental views concerning race and religious beliefs, and condemned those who saw things from a different spiritual point of view. Adolf Hitler was perhaps the first to take drastic action as a political leader to eliminate the Jewish populace in Germany.

As a child, Hitler attended the Catholic Church and was educated in Catholic schools. Throughout his childhood, he, along with many other children and young men, was taught that Jews were menial to Christians. In primary school, Hitler performed extremely well and was admired for his leadership qualities, and also...
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