Adolf Hitler and Good German Nazis

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Germany Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: May 30, 2013
The Boys Who Fought Hitler

The Nazis were a super race, it seemed that almost nothing could stop them. However, three boys around the age of 17 got away with something for quiet awhile, right under the Nazis’ nose. Hitler and his “good German” Nazis controlled virtually everything. They wrecked the minds of sane human beings to think that they need every piece of land, every gun, and to hate other people outside of their mindset. Anyone who didn’t think the way the Nazis thought wasn’t a true German, you needed pride in your nation.

The Nazis controlled through information, they could tell their people they’re doing well in battles to keep support. They ran support groups for kids to think like Nazis, they taught them how to shoot guns, and even wore army uniforms. They were training them behind all the games. Foreign radio was illegal so you wouldn’t know what was really going on. But of course, that’s what they wanted. In July of 1941, Helmuth Hübener went to 17-year-old Karl-Heinz Schnibble’s house with a radio that could pick up feed from Britain. The BBC radio talked about what was happening in Russia, which Hitler had just recently invaded. The Nazis were lying to German people; Hitler was sending troops into battles that they couldn’t win.

The boys wanted to do something, Karl, Helmuth and their friend Rudi, would type pamphlets and put them in public places. They had to be very discreet about it, because getting caught could have very bad consequences. The pamphlets consisted of things like, “Hitler the Murderer!” or “Do You Know You Are Being Lied To?!” The boys would go out at night and place he pamphlets on benches and in mailboxes, they half expected the German police (Gestapo) to jump out at them. Being fed wrong information can make nationalistic people, or spark a movement. Germany had no freedom of speech; Hitler turned his people into smaller Hitlers. Much like North Korea today, Kim Jong-un is trying to make his people all...
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