Adolf Hitler

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Vanessa Ayon
Mr. Cannis
AVID Period 2
9, April 2013
Adolf Hitler
Many issues affect a person on who they become whether it is the environment or even inner conflict. Adolf Hitler was no exception; he was born on the year 1889 and died on 1945, an era that was stressful. The death of his beloved family members, his difficult childhood, and the chances he took looking for he was to become in life, affected Adolf Hitler immensely.

Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler had a total of 6 children, only 2 out of the 6 survived: Adolf Hitler and Paula Hitler. Adolf Hitler’s 4 siblings and his father died, but Adolf Hitler started becoming depressed when one of his brother’s had died, this was the turning point of his life. Adolf Hitler went from a religious schoolchild to a high school dropout. One of the reasons he had dropped out was to show his father that he did not belong in school he wanted to become an artist. Another reason was because Hitler was simply not academically educated, school was not for him. The only one who was there to support Hitler’s decision was his mother, Klara, which later died and Hitler became an orphan. Hitler’s greatest admiration was his mother, and now that she was gone he had no one he felt like he had lost all hope.

After Hitler’s mother passed away, he roamed the streets and was poor he had no money at all. Hitler would live off of soup kitchens or sell some of his artwork. At this point Hitler wanted to continue being what he always wanted to be, an artist. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very successful at this. Hitler knew that he had to move on if he wanted his future to look bright. Moving on was difficult for Hitler because he had no one there to support him or encourage to do what he wanted to. The irony of Hitler is that Jews were one of the few people who impacted his life the most in a positive way. In fact, if it weren’t for Jews he probably would have been dead because they sheltered, clothed, and supplied Hitler with food....