Adolf Hitler

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazi Party Pages: 5 (1984 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Adolf Hitler and His Rise to Power
Alberto J Fernandes
Fisher College

In the early twenty century there was a great world tragedy that could have been prevented. The holocaust was a dark part of this worlds history. Looking back and it make one wonder how did Adolph Hitler grow to have so much power; did anyone step up to fight against this before it broke out into war and what could have been done to prevent this from happening.

At the end of the first World War Germany had been defeated by the allies which was the United states of America, Britain and France who were the major superpowers that defeated them. Germany was put to blame for most of the war and had to sign the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty put Germany in a tight situation. in Gavin Lewis WCIV textbook it states:

Under the provisions of the treaty, Germany lost prince of Alsace and Lorraine, its overseas colonies, and valuable lands on its eastern frontiers. Germany also had to surrender most of its merchant shipping and to dismantle it armed forces. but the most objectionable part of the Versailles treaty, from the German point of view, was the "War Guilt" Clause- which stated that Germany and its partners accepted the responsibility for all loss and damage caused by the war.(p479)

The state Germany was in after World War I, economically it was in ruins, national pride and moral was nonexistent, people had no jobs, and the infrastructure was crumbling. They and the rest of the nations who were apart of the Central Power had t not only repair the damages in their countries but every other nation too. The treaty left Germany feeling angry and bitter towards the other nations. The Treaty left them with virtually nothing and it was the allies that took it from them. In the mist of trying to repair things and get the country back on their feet, there was a governmental; election happening and the National Socialist Party(Nazi) received 37 percent of the votes giving them 230 of the 608 seats in the Reichstag which is their house of representative. The Nazi party has a great influence in the government now. Adolf Hitler is offered to become vice Chancellor but he refuses the offer. He had bigger things planned for himself and his country. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 an inn in a Austrian Village. He was a trouble child whose father beat him consistently and would not allow Hitler to peruse his dream of becoming an artist. After the death of his father he applies to Vienna School of Fine Arts but is rejected after failing the admission exam. he was forced to live in a foster home after his mother passed away where there he sells some of his paintings to earn money. With the first world war on the horizon Hitler moves to Munich, Germany to avoid being drafted in the Austrian Army. In 1914 he was forced to enroll but he fails the physical exam. Later he Joins the Bavarian Regiment of the German Army where he wins Several Awards for his bravery which included The Iron Cross First Class for saving his unit from being mistakenly Shelled from behind by German Artillery. Returning from the war Hitler sought opportunity to join a German Workers' Party which represented and purposed building a strong nationalist, pro-military, anti-Semitic party made up of working class people which was all the things Hilter believed. He was to give his first speech in a meeting where there he released his great ability to speak in front of the public. The German workers Party grew with Hitler as its new leader who spoke out towards the Treaty of Versailles, delivering anti-Semitic Tirades, blaming the Jews for Germanys problem and against Marxists which as a communist group which Hitler feared would gain too much power. Young Men from he had know from his army were recruited and thousands of others willing joining because of Hitler's remarkable gift of speeches. He later change the name of the party National Socialist German...
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