Adolescents vs. Parents

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  • Published : July 29, 2008
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Why do adolescents and parents have such a tough time getting along? The reason that I asked that question at the beginning of the semester is because I went through a lot of conflict with my parents growing up. So, I just wondered if there was any research that would help answer some questions I had. It seemed like from about the time I turned twelve or thirteen until the time I turned twenty-one my parents and I never really got along. Now that I am getting older and look back on it all I see that they were really just trying to look out for me but, at the time I know that I wasn’t feeling the same way. My parents were very authoritative with me but I think I took advantage of their niceness sometimes and rebelled just to rebel. During high school I hung around with the wrong crowd and did a lot of stupid things so, naturally my parents and I argued a lot and the only time we really saw each other was when we were arguing over something that I had done. For example, when I was a senior I got drunk at a girls basketball game and got arrested it wasn’t the first time I got in trouble with the police but I was defiantly the most serious thing I had really done. After I did that it was really hard having a good relationship with my parents because their level of trust with me went way down.

So I went on Pro-Quest and found three articles that showed me that even though some of the things I did and went through were bad a lot of kids and their parents go through some of the same situations that my parents and I went through. I don’t want to say it was nice but it was certainly comforting to know that even though I was a screw up when I was younger it was really just part of growing and learning new life experiences and my parents were doing everything in their power to shape and mold me into a respectable adult when I got older.

The first article I reviewed was called Parent-adolescent conflict with teenagers with ADHD and ODD. I.Introduction
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