Adolescent Rebellion - Short Essay

Topics: Dead Poets Society, Family, Thing Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Chloe Shelton
English P.5
Adolescent Rebellion
#2. Family is irrelevant when it comes to adolescent rebellion. Disagree
Adolescent rebellion occurs for many different reasons. Either it's skipping class, or sneaking out past curfew, or the main reason is always for pleasure. Kids tend to rebel to get want they want. But the one of the main causes of rebellion is because of family. Families are the people who set your boundaries for you. Parents set your rules for you starting when you were young. Siblings have their boundaries and certain rules that you have to or can obey by. And it is your decision whether you rebel against the rules that you are given. Family is completely relevant when it comes to adolescent rebellion cause specifically in the book Catcher in the Rye and the movie Dead Poets Society, when parents are being to controlling or overpowering adolescent people decide to rebel.

There are rules with every basic thing we do, even with the simplest things. And the biggest and most important rules that obtain to adolescent people are made by our parents. Most people from the ages 2-18 rebel against their parents more than once in their life, most of the time when teenagers don’t get what they want they find a way. But it is just a part of growing up, learning the ways through life. I have many examples where I have gotten in trouble doing things that I was told not to. Quite often my mother asks me constantly to clean my room, but as my lack of concentration I never get around to doing so. Pretty much for every time I do get in trouble is because I never have the motivation to do things that I don’t enjoy. Like as in homework, or getting home in time.

We teenagers get pleasure out of many things weather it’s a sport or a talent, but sometimes our parents don’t agree or allow us to do so. For example in the movie Dead Poets Society a character had a dream to be in plays, it was his passion. But his father dis-agreed entirely. He...
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