Adolescent Males Face More Challenges Growing Up Than Do Female Adolescents

Topics: Adolescence, Male, Female Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: May 25, 2008
As males, many have their difficulties of becoming men than others do, depending on whether or not they are ready to grow up. Although the stereotypical "jock versus nerd" concept is difficult to cope with in society, males face many more challenges than just that. They have troubles fitting into different crowds at school, impressing girls, and keeping out of trouble. People tend to think that females have a tougher lifestyle than do males, but when it narrows down to the finer details of things, males have to go through much more than their female counter parts. Although females do have their struggles, adolescent males face more challenges growing up than do female adolescents.

Peer pressure is the number one thing that complicates the lives of many teenagers. It convinces the minds of adolescent males that they have to look a certain way to fit into one group, or they have to do a certain thing to fit into another. Considering the personailty of one male, it depends on whether that group is willing to accept who they are. No male should be judged because of who they are or who they spend time with. Everyone is equal; although many males struggle with trying to fit in. Instead of being who they want to be, they are trying to be who people want them to be. Each male has to make their own decisions and not let a group decide for them. Trying to fit into a certain group can damage who you are as a person not only for males, but for females too. As females, girls are more cruel and critical as to who they choose to include in their groups, but if males decide they want to join a certain group that requires them changing who they are, then it effects who they grow up to be.

In high school, teenagers are constantly being compared to other teenagers. Males see it as another male succeeding with the females, just because they do their hair one way or they wear certain styles of clothing. Impressing girls in high school can be very difficult. Some females lean...
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