Adolescent Development

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  • Published: December 3, 2008
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Life has store many surprises for us as we develop throughout our whole life span. Developmental stages are the progress that occurs in humans from the time they are born until they grow old and die. Originally beginning with infants and children, development will subsequently progress into adolescence, followed by adult, and lastly elderly. The development occur in many fields, namely physical, perceptual, cognitive, moral and social.

Adolescence Overview

Adolescence is the developmental stage between childhood and adulthood. It generally refers to a period ranging from age 12 and 19. Adolescence has many psychological and social stages, as well as biological. The beginning of adolescence is usually marked with the beginning of puberty. Adolescence can be prolonged, brief, or practically nonexistent, depending the culture of their society. Adolescence is somewhere between childhood and adulthood. It is also the period of life between the onset of puberty and the full commitment to an adult social role, such as worker or parent. It is filled with constant change, uncertainty, but it can be wonderful and full of expectation. Everything a child learned to believe is suddenly challenged. One day you are a cute child that everybody seemed to adore, and the next day your skin and body are changing. Adolescence is a challenging period for both children and their parents. Three stages of adolescence - early, middle, and late, are experienced by most teens, but the age at which each stage is reached varies greatly from child to child. These different rates of maturation are connected to physical development and hormone balance, neither of which the child can control. For this reason, adolescents should be treated as individuals and any guidelines should be adapted to the particular child. It is very common to come across mood swings in this stage of development. Teens wonder if they are going to be normal. They are very sensitive to...
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