Adolescent Changes

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Poverty Pages: 5 (1429 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Adolescent Years

Adolescence is the of the most significant changes that occurs for a child when

developed from a child into a adult. This can carry them through many changes physically,

emotionally, socially. During puberty boys and girl change in size, developing breast,

growing pubic hair, changes in body odor, and acne. The adolescence stage usually starts

occurring in between the ages of 10 and 19 in which boys and girls hypothalamus and

pituitary glands begin to become active and start hormonal changes.

Children going through puberty normally will experience growth spurts in which

their bodies begin to change. Some children begin seeing changes in their height,

size, they begin to develop breast for girls, growing pubic hair, and changes in

body odor, and acne are some of the common changes that occur physically.

The Change

Going through puberty is sometimes a difficult process for young girls and boys if

not communicated effectively about the changes that they may encounter during

this process. For young girls they may start to feel insecure about how they body is

changing. Such as developing hip or breast and how others may perceive them

especially if they are developing at a young age or faster than their peers. Some of

their peers may treat them differently and chastise them about how they are

developing. For boys their changes are similar but they begin to experience

changes in the size of their penis and may experience their first ejaculation.

Children then begin to experience emotional changes in which their attitudes begin to change about life in general. In which they can become argumentative with their parents. My private and wanting to spend less family time and more time socializing with their friends. Also they begin to find themselves and begin to learn the true meaning of success and failure. In addition to thinking about their social life and how they fit into society big picture.

The Contribution

Media portrayal plays a major role of how children view sexual activity. They begin to shape what is acceptable in today’s society. Such as slim models, short clothes, promiscuity. The media main focus is to receive the most ratings. So if the taste of the show or music is not appropriate for children who are looking to the media for some guidance they can be easily confused.

The mindset of a child is develop threw the values and interaction that they have had growing up. This is where the foundation should be built at home, church, and school; defining their character, substance and endurance. Values impact the adolescence behavior threw many aspects such as the way a child carries there selves in personal matters as well in professional matter when that times arises. For example, dealing with obstacles that occur on a daily basis and knowing the appropriate response to have. In making decisions children need to learn that they will have to take into consideration their personal values as well as the ethical values of those whom they are in close contact with. The same goes with attitudes and the effect it has on individual behaviors. Being raised by parent with a negative attitude about everything that a child attempts’ to strive for can have a negative effect on the child mental state and their individual behavior. They will begin to feel as if nothing that they do is right and can become cold to others and show that same behavior that was taught to them to others. The types of influences that they are subjected too during this crucial time can have an effect on the next generation of children. Which can affect their individual behavior both in a positive or negative manner. This is why it is important that our society fine outlets for the youth; so that they can become productive...
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