Adolescent Autobiography

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Chapter 14: BIOSOCIAL
The things that I wanted to mention which about Puberty Begins was “menarche”. About menarche, it is a girl’s first menstrual period signaling that she had begun ovulation. Pregnancy is biologically possible, but ovulation and menstruation are often irregular for years after menarche. The current average age of menarche among well-nourished girls is about 12 years, 8 months. According to my personal experience of menarche, I remember my menarche was happened about 12 years old. (The first grade of Secondary School) Luckily, it happened during my summer holiday and I was staying at home. When I had menarche, I shouted out loud; I was frightened and didn’t know what I should do, because I was bleeding without stopped. My mum was not here and my housekeeper helped me out. She taught me how to use sanitary towel. In contrast, the things which different from my experience in adolescence is spermarche. It is because I am a girl and spermarche is the things which happened with a boy. It means a boy’s first ejaculation of sperm. Erections can occur as early as infancy, but ejaculation signals sperm production. Sepermarche may occur during sleep (in wet dream”) or via direct stimulation. Because I am a girl, so I will not have spermarche when I was under age 13. On the other hand, about Nutrition there are one topic which is similar to my experience of adolescence is “Body image”. According to Halpern, he said “girls go on diets because they want to be thinner, partly because a boy tends to prefer to date thin girls.” For me, I did same things----go on diets. When I was 13 years old, I stared to care about my body image. Whenever someone said I looked more fat than before, I will do a lot of exercises and ate less food. As the book said, the reason that girls want to be thinner is because we wanted to be an attractive girl. I don’t think so! The reason that I wanted to look thinner was because I was a ballerina. As a ballerina, being thinner was our responsibility. It was because we could dance beautifully and being a good looking perfumers during the performing. Chapter 15: COGNITIVE

The things that I want to mention is about Adolescent Thinking. There is an idea which I wanted to share and it is quite similar with my personal experience----Fables. It develop into two categories, they are personal fable and invincibility. These two fables often appear together. The egocentric idea of the personal fable is that one is unique, destined to have a heroic, even legendary, life. When adolescents think they are invincible, they may be convinced that, unlike other mortals, they will not be hurt by fast driving, unprotected sex, or addictive drugs. If they take any of these risks and survive without harm, they feel special, not thankful. Also, adolescents ignore evidence from developmental statistics, because they believe that they are exceptional, exempt from normal human vulnerability. Therefore, when I was a Form 2 student, I did something which was bad. I remember that, when we were having lesson we did some trick to the teacher. We stuck a paper behind the back of the teacher and we wrote “I am the most handsome person” Whenever a student passed to this teacher will laugh out loud. Anyhow, it ended up with we all got punished. This is a typical adolescence will do during the age in Secondary School; useless; just for fun. In contrast, there is one idea which is different from my experience in adolescence--- “hypothetical thought”. It means reasoning that includes propositions and possibilities that may not reflect reality. According to Lutz& Sternberg, they said “Adolescent start with possible solutions and progress to determine which the real solution is”. In my personal experience, I don’t even think about the “trick” that I did will be work out or not. I just did it with my Intuition. So, the result was being punished.

On the other hand, the other things that I want to mention is teaching...
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