Adolescence Is the Unhappiest Time in Most People’s Lives

Topics: Drug addiction, Time, Person Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Adolescence is the unhappiest time in most people’s lives. It seems to me adolescence is a very important period for everyone as it forms their views on life. When you are young, parents bring up and teach you, you learn something by your own and become some life experience. Then you go to school where you get basic knowledge, find new friends, communicate and share your opinions with them. This time could be divided into three periods: person’s childhood, school time and the last is an university or college time. Each of them is extremely important as it influences on the further life of an individual. Some people state that adolescence is the unhappiest time for most people. It brings many accidents, bad experiences and, as a result, person can go, for example, in a crime world or drug addiction. These facts are followed after the bad upbringing and some problem families. That’s why these people state thar the adolescence is a very important time for a person and during this time person is touchy so they(person is thouchy so they(he or she, leave it open)) could have a bad experience and it would influence a lot to his future. However, others are assured that adolescence is the happiest time in everybody’s life. When you are young, you are not responsible for anything and you don’t have serious problems that should be solved. You don’t care about anything bad and enjoy spending your time with friends. Person goes to school where he gains some experience and finds new friends. They say, in most cases children have a good upbringing and only enjoy their life. It goes without saying, that the world of today is dangerous, however it mostly doesn’t influence on the person. If you ask me, I think adolescence is the most enjoyable time for everyone as it gives many opportunities for relaxation, education and entertainment.
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