Adolescence Essay 4

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Peer group Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Adolescence (ages 11 to 21), the transition between childhood and adulthood, is one of the most dynamic periods of human development. It is characterized by dynamic physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes. These changes, along with adolescents’ growing independence, search for identity, concern with appearance, need for peer acceptance, and active lifestyle, can significantly affect their physical activity behaviors. The period of adolescence is divided into three stages. Early Adolescence, ages 11 to 14, middle adolescence, ages 15 to 17 and late adolescence, ages 18 to 21. These stages provide a useful context for understanding body-image issues and concerns of adolescents, as well as a framework for providing adolescents with the information they need in physical activity. My subject is a 14 year old adolescent named Grace. She belongs to early adolescence. She portrayed many similarities on what studies found out. Physical and Motor Development

The increased rate of growth that occurs during adolescence is second only to the rate of growth that occurs during the first year of life. During this period, adolescents achieve the final15 to 20 percent of their adult height, gain 50 percent of their adult body weight, and accumulate up to 40 percent of their adult skeletal mass. For females, most physical growth is completed by about 2 years after menarche. Males begin their pubertal growth spurt about 2 years later than females, and they typically experience their major growth spurt and increase in muscle mass during middle adolescence.

During adolescence, strength increases in both males and females, and strength can be increased further by participation in strength-training programs. Height and strength during and after puberty affect the ability of adolescents to compete in some sports, such as football and basketball. This was true for Grace because she is tall enough and can do well in sports especially in basketball. The age at...
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