Adolescence and Low Self Esteem

Topics: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Procreation is the chief purpose of two individuals getting married. It is also the reason why couple tends to be happier and fulfilled. But for a teen to be pregnant with a young age isn’t that alarming? In recent studies, statistics show that 51.6 % of Filipinas age 15-19 are conceived with a child and facing the consequences of having a baby at such a young age. Teenage pregnancy is an epidemic that needs an urgent response and resolution. With this problem fast growing and spreading, to whom shall we point the finger of guilt? Maybe it’s the missing parent figure in the life of a teenager. With lack of communication and time to their children, teens become more distant. Maybe their parents never asked them “How’s school darling? Do you want to tell us something? ” Maybe that’s the problem of some parents. Yes they are there but do they listen? It’s never difficult to just listen and understand what most youth needs and wants. Maybe it’s because of the child’s upbringing. Did they inculcate values and discipline well? It is important for a parent and child relationship that parents orient and teach their children how the way life goes and how they should or can deal with it. With this epidemic growing, being closer to your children and totally knowing them may be the best way to stop the numbers of teen moms and teen dads from increasing. Maybe it’s the society’s fault bringing a lot of issues that lead to teenage pregnancy. Nowadays, teens consider being “IN” an important factor so that society will like you. Teens will do anything just to fit in. They even fall under the bad influence of their so called friends. This is where peer pressure, the leading cause of teenage pregnancy arouse. It is when girls with low self esteem fall victims and become pregnant because of the strong desire to fit in. Another thing is their family issues. Teens having problems at home will spend most of their times at school and with their friends because home is the last...
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