Adni Financial Analysis & Recommendation

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3.1Statement of Comprehensive Income
Revenue 6,250 7,781 9,377
EBITDA (54) 307 311
Depreciation (207) (261) (280) Finance Cost (2) (2) (1) PBT (263) 43 310
PAT (233) (5) 232

EBITDA Margin -4%1%3%
PBT Margin-4%1%3%
Net Margin-4%0%2%

Adni Consultancy results were improving year to year basis. The revenue increased by an average of 23%, an approximately an increase of RM1.5 mill a year. Turnover growth reflected increasing student enrolments, some impact from earlier fee increases as well as driven by expansion in 2009 in its principal activities through running of kindergarten and children nursery, conducting courses and seminars related to education and distributing educational materials.

EBITDA results in 2007 were relatively weak due to high in operating/admin expenses. The operating/admin expenses rose by 25% to RM6.4 mill when compared to the previous years on the back of revenue increased by only 24%. The major cost components are the staff salary. It accounted an average of 53% of the total costs. There was an increase in number of staff in 2007 by 23% to 137 staff from 111 staff in 2006. Because of that, the staff cost has increased by 22% from RM2.7 mill in 2006 to RM3.4 mill in 2007. However in 2008 and 2009, the percentage growth of expenses has reduced to 19% and 18% respectively. Thus, improving the EBITDA in 2008 and 2009.

ADNI posted a net loss of RM0.23 million in 2007 on the back of 23% increase in revenue. Beside the staff cost, another element that made the company posted losses in 2007 was the depreciation cost. The cost has increased by 44% in 2007 due to the company has acquired an additional assets of RM0.64 mill in 2007. However, in 2008 the loss was...
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