Adn vs Bsn Nurses

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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Differencies In Competency Between Adn And Bsn Nurses
The debate over minimum education requirements for nurses has been going on for decades and there still seems to be no general agreement. As health care shifts from hospital-centered, inpatient care to more primary and preventive care throughout the community. The health system requires registered nurses who not only can practice both within and beyond hospitals but can function with more independence in direct bedside care, clinical community environment, case management, supervision of unlicensed other support personnel, and educating patients on treatment. The focus will be on the differences in competency between ADN and BSN nurses in this paper. Associate Degree Nurse

The associate degree level of nursing was developed out of a need to produce nurses in response to a shortage during and following World War II. It was proposed as a temporary solution to a shortage but was not intended to replace the professional level of nursing education. It was proposed that graduates from associate degree nursing programs would work a“technical” nurses, assisting and working under the supervision of professional nurses. The associate degree level of nursing education became popular and has come to be viewed as an attractive career path for those who desire a shortened, less expensive route to becoming a registered nurse 1. Nursing Program

Associate degree programs, located in community colleges, require a minimum to two year of full-time study with a reasonable balance in liberal arts and natural, social, and behavioral sciences and the other half in nursing courses. 2. Education

The Associate Degree focuses more on technical skills than theory and provide opportunities to demonstrate competence in the application of nursing knowledge and clinical behaviors/judgments in health care settings. 3. Expectation

The primary role of the ADN is to provide direct nursing care or coordinate care for a limited number of clients in various care settings. 4. Roles
Associate degree programs are designed to train students to provide entry level care in a hospital setting. With additional experience and continuing education, the ADN can provide independent direct care or supervise health care of clients and families. ADN function primarily at the bedside in less complex patient care situations, and provide additional aspects of care such as teaching patients how to cope with their conditions. Baccalaureate Degree Nurse

In today’s health care system, BSN are expected to practice at higher levels with increased knowledge and different types of settings (structured and unstructured)”. A BSN degree is the most common requirement for entry into graduate nursing education where nurses may develop their professional roles to become nurse educators, researchers, administrators, or advanced practice nurses. Accordingly, The BSN is the minimum educational requirement for professional nursing practice. Some career paths are open only to nurses with a BSN degree or higher. The US Army Nurse Corps has required the BSN for nurses on active duty since 1976 followed by the enactment of similar requirements for the Navy and Air Force. The Veterans Health Administration requires the BSN for those who wish to advance beyond entry level appointment. 1. Nursing Program

Baccalaureate education, offered in university settings, provides students with a broad perspective and understanding of nursing, health and healing, the environment and persons as diverse individuals, families, groups and communities. 2. Education

Baccalaureate education provides a strong foundation for future critical thinking and problem solving skills with its inclusion of a broad range of basic sciences, behavioral and social management sciences and communication and data analysis content. Community health nursing, research, and courses that provide depth and breadth in the understanding of leadership, management, health promotion,...
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