Admissions Review Dismissal/ Individualize Education Plan/ Inclusion

Topics: Education, Individualized Education Program, Special education Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: May 2, 2013
EDUC 2301, Lab1

Admissions Review Dismissal/ Individualize Education Plan/ Inclusion

A student with a disability is challenged daily by his physical or cognitive disability. Students with disabilities and their parents should feel comfortable and hopeful that there are laws that require all students to receive a proper education to the best of the ability of the student. Here I describe the structure currently used to assist the student with a disability to still get an education. ARD stands for Admission Review Dismissal it is this committee who makes the formal decision about the disabled students individualized education program. The parent can also be an active member in the ARD committee involving them as parents as participants in their child’s educational plan. The ARD committee determines eligibility of the student to receive Special Education services. This committee also develops reviews and revises the students Individual Education Program, as well as placement of were the child will be educated in the school. The amount of time the student interacts with non-special education students, as well as with special education students is also determined by this committee. IEP are the abbreviations for Individualize Education Plan, this is the plan devised by the ARP committee for the individual special education student. They are written to cover a 12yr. period but can be done more often. The IEP for the student will assist the teachers and student in reaching his/her educational goals, make progress in the general curriculum, participate in extracurricular activities that are non-educational to the best ability of the individual. A time is also set for the student to integrate with students without disabilities. Inclusion refers to students with disability being educated along with general education students in general classroom setting. Inclusion promotes a higher self-esteem for the Special Education student. The student should feel accepted...
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