Administrative Theories of Management

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The Administrative Management
It is a term that used by the managers and executives responsible for coordinating and improve the performance of the entire function of the groups , units across and organization.

Henri Fayol ( 1841 – 1925 )

Henri Fayol a French industrialist has wrote a book title Administration Industrialle et Generalle in 1916 , according to his book theories about management he thought could be applied to the management of any organization with administrative responsibilities. Fayol identified five function which is still used today to all management activities , they were planning , organizing , commanding , coordinating and controlling . Fayol gives 14 principle of management :

1.Division of work
According to Fayol , specialization increases output by making employees more efficient. Most of the employee may be able to deal with each item work that given to them if work is divided according to their skill and technical expertise .

Fayol defined authority as 'the right to give orders and the power to exact obedience.' That means , managers must be able to give order to the employees . Along with it , the responsibility will goes on.

Discipline is an essential for the smooth running of business which is without it an enterprise or organization is unable to prosper. An employees must obey and respect the rules that are state by the organization .

4.Unity of Command
An employee should receive orders from one superior only . Fayol regarded having 'dual command' is leading to uncertainty and hesitation on the part of subordinates and will make conflict between managers.

5.Unity of direction
'One head and one plan for a group having the same objective.' that mean the organization should have a single plan of action to guide managers and workers .

6.Subordination of individual interest to the general interest There should be no conflict of...
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