Administrative Services Manager

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The reason I chose this field was because being an Administrative Services Manager, there are many different industries to chose from. This in turn gives me a chance to chose what type of industry or field to chose. When I have finally complete my Associates Degree in Business Management, it will give me the skills to lead and manage others. Communication is very important in this type of position and will be will one of the focuses with this type of degree.(NA, 2010) You will also be able to inspire and motivate your team of employee's. Other skills that may be required are: being detail oriented, keep things very organized- that way the business runs smoothly, a good multi-tasker, good with meeting deadlines and great computer skills.

There are specific education and training needed in various job responsibilities. Administrative Service Managers with less responsibilities may only need their high school diploma, combined with experience. A bachelor's degree or higher may be preferred with experience. Having an Associates Degree is preferred, but it really depends on the business or company you are applying for.

There are certain jobs that a person with an associates degree in business management may obtain. One would be an entry level management position. They also may try in retail, industry, healthcare, research and development for management positions. They may also try for office manager, human resources manager and administrative assistant.

The salary of an Administrative Service Managers varies upon the industry: Management of Companies and Enterprises could make up to $85,980 per year. General Medical and Surgical Hospitals could approximately make up to $77,870 per year. Dealing in the local Government could make $74,680 per year. Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools could also be up in the $72,000 a year salary bracket.

Just receiving my Associates Degree in Business Management will change my whole outlook on life....
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