Administrative Order No. 208 S. 1974

Topics: Hygiene, Sanitation, Food Pages: 9 (2681 words) Published: June 3, 2011

SUBJECT: Human Foods; Current Good Manufacturing Practice (Sanitation) in Manufacture, Processing, Packing of Holding
1. Definitions – The definitions and interpretations contained in section 10 of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (R.A. 3720) are applicable to such terms when used in this part. The following definitions shall also apply:

a. "Adequate" means that which is needed to accomplish the intended purpose in keeping with good public health practice.

b. "Plant" means the building or buildings or parts thereof, used for or in connection with the manufacturing, processing, packaging, labeling, or holding of human food.
c. "Sanitize" means adequate treatment of surfaces by a process that is effective in destroying vegetative cells of pathogenic bacteria and in substantially reducing other micro-organisms. Such treatment shall not adversely affect the product and shall be safe for the consumer.

2. Current good manufacturing practice (sanitation)
The criteria in paragraphs 3 through 8 shall apply in determining whether the facilities, methods, practices and controls used in the manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding of food are in conformance with or are operated or administered in conformity with good manufacturing practices to assure that food for human consumption is safe and has been prepared, packed, and held under sanitary conditions. 3. Plant and grounds

a. Grounds. The grounds about a food plant under the control of the operator shall be free from conditions which may result in the contamination of food including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Improperly stored equipment, litter, waste, refuse and uncut weeds or grass within the immediate vicinity of the plant buildings or structures that may constitute an attractant, breeding place, or harborage for rodents, insects and other pests.

(2) Excessively dusty roads, yards, or parking lots that may constitute a source of contamination in areas where food is exposed.
(3) Inadequately drained areas that may contribute contamination to food products through seepage or foot-borne filth and by providing a breeding place for insects or micro-organisms. If the plants grounds are bordered by grounds not under the operator’s control of the kind described in subparagraph (1) through (3) of this paragraph, care must be exercised in the plant by inspection, extermination, or other means to effect exclusion of pests, dirt, and other filth that may be a source of food contamination.
b. Plant construction and design. Plant buildings and structures shall be suitable in size, construction, and design to facilitate maintenance and sanitary operations for foodprocessing purposes. The plant and facilities shall:

(1) Provide sufficient space for such placement of equipment and storage of materials as is necessary for sanitary operations and productions of safe food. Floors, walls, and ceilings in the plant shall be of such construction as to be adequately cleanable and shall be kept clean and in good repair. Fixtures, ducts, and pipes shall not be so suspended over working areas that drip or condensate may contaminate foods, raw materials, or food-contact surfaces. Aisles or working spaces between equipment and between equipment and walls shall be unobstructed and of sufficient width to permit employees to perform their duties without contamination of food or food-contact surfaces with clothing or personal contact.

(2) Provide separation by partition, location, or other effective means for those operations which may cause contamination of food products with undesirable micro-organisms, chemicals, filth, or other extraneous material.

(3) Provide adequate lighting to hand-washing areas, dressing and locker rooms, and toilet rooms and to all areas where food or food ingredients and utensils are cleaned. Light bulbs,...
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