Administrative Management Critical Analysis

Topics: Education, Academic dishonesty, University Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Adam Bartoshesky
November 17, 2012
MAN 3025 Writing
Assignment #4

Critical Analysis

The University of North Florida’s Academic Integrity Code gives students and faculty members in-depth descriptions of what exactly the code is, the ways in which the code can be broken, and the actions and consequences which result from breaking it. The code’s purpose is, “to protect the integrity of the teaching and learning process” ("Academic integrity code,"). This document lacks a persuasive tone and thus is essentially free from any biases. It uses strong language and concision in order to outline what students and faculty members should do in an instance of academic dishonesty. The code’s unbiased nature and clarity combine to make it a reliable document that can be referred to by both UNF students and faculty members in order to maintain foster learning.

UNF’s Academic Integrity Code’s strengths are its detail and clarity, its openness, and its good intentions. It is impossible for the document to better explain the overall process of cheating, how it is handled, and the appeal process. Another strong point of the code is that it gives the student’s teacher freedom in how they want to handle the situation. There are five different forms of apprehension listed in the code that the teacher can choose from which range in seriousness. The teacher can do anything from lower the student’s grade for the single exercise they broke the academic code on, to giving the student an unforgivable ‘F’ for the course. It is evident that a third strength of the document is that its sole purpose is to create a better teaching and learning environment. UNF has not established this code in order to reprimand students, but rather to enhance their education by clearly stating what they should avoid while enrolled at UNF.

Although the Academic Integrity Code has many strengths, it also has weakness. The main weakness that I located in the code is that the overall process of...
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