Administrative Ethics Paper: Populations Most Affected

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Administrative Ethics Paper
Shana S. White
Susan Morgan
University of Phoenix

Administrative Ethics Paper
In the health care administration system there are different types of problems that may arise. Problem such as in-house restructuring, organizing, and also ethical problems that may or may not be associated with patient care. These types of problems may cause any health care administrator to become diligent in writing, rewriting, and/or implanting new policies and procedures to counteract any growing problems within the health care facility. Moreover, such problem solving techniques includes understanding what the problem is, possible solutions for solving the problem, and implementing new policies to make sure that the problems do not arise and affect any other part of the health care organization. Furthermore, as with any organization as it grows the problems become more apparent, so in a health care system there is no difference. Specifically, a problem with patient information is a massive problem in regards to patient privacy in all health care systems due to the growing information sharing on the internet, new technology, and by different health care providers; it is essential that all patient’s medical records stay private. Patient Privacy

Additionally, patient privacy is essential in any health care organization. The reason is because privacy is important for any one that is having any medical procedure, diagnosis, or treatment being performed. Having privacy helps protect the patient from any stigma or possible retaliation for any treatment that the patient was given and at the time during or after treatment. Moreover, if patient information is shared with unauthorized people then the patient may be subject to a misuse of their pertinent information in which they have in trusted the health care establishment with. This is why the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act...
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