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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Administrative Ethics Paper
Brandy Knight
HCS 335

When working in an administrative health care setting there is always some type of ethical issues that come about everyday no matter what the daily activities are. As a healthcare administrator there are responsibilities that must be held up. Their responsibilities are to oversee medical records, billing and coding procedures, current technology practices and patient privacy requirements. Healthcare administrators work in hospitals, clinics and other types of medical facilities where their duties are to ensure that the organization operates in an efficient and profitable manner.

As of today there are issues with the information technology systems, clinical data management systems and the increasing automation of the electronic medical records. All of these present a significant amount of patient privacy and confidentiality issues. When we say confidential, meaning in healthcare we are talking about the protection of a patient’s medical information and keeping their medical information private and safe from any third parties. Administrators are expected to follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule. The HIPAA protects the privacy of patient’s medical information. Patient’s medical records are sensitive personal information that is covered with privacy. There are several ethical and legal issues that are implicated in their maintenance, such as third party access and the appropriate storage and the proper way to dispose of them.

Describe the issue and its impact on the population it affects most.
This administrative issue that is being discussed involves the governor of Florida. This issue came about in 1997 when Rick Scott who is now the governor of Florida was involved in the biggest Medicare fraud case in the US history. After the hospital fined him at $1.7 billion and found him guilty of swindling money from the government, he had to step down as CEO of Columbia/ HCA. As of now he is working on trying to kill...
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