Administrative Ethics Paper

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Nursing Pages: 4 (1274 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Administrative Ethics Paper
Jennifer Bradford
Michael Taylor
September 29, 2012

In the health care setting for administrators there is an ongoing occurrence of ethical issues implicit in daily activities. A health care administrator we have assignments to the business as well as to ourselves to help the customers and our coworkers who accommodated and checked the patients within the company. The information technology system is growing rapidly this is an ethical issue for the administrators that always shows itself within the company and that is the confidentiality of data. Confidentiality information is private, facts about another person, company, etc. in a health care setting confidentiality is patients’ medical information stored into a system by the company. When working in the healthcare fields there are some rules concerning confidentiality, and they are; know the facts, have decision-making skills that control confidential data, and have some ethical alertness. The significance of developing ethical alertness is being able to handle confidential data, boosted education, and conversations regarding these problems should happen within the company to give pessimistic opinions of the coworkers and this could assist them to get through the conversation, conservative views, and moral instruction, this could take along groundbreaking ways for coworkers and other to efficiently to reply hard data, and this potentially could come into view. As an administrator, we are avowed in by morals to value the confidentiality of data we intake, and use for the company. Confidentiality data can have but is not restricted to, staff private data and recompense records. The issue and impact on the population that affects most will be explained in this case study; this will be the scenery for the moral examination of problems an administrator linked to revealing confidential data regarding a worker. We have a nurse name Michelle, who is the leading nurse at a...
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