Administrative and Judicial Proceedings-Ra 9135

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Section 2201. Obstruction of Customs Premises. — No person shall obstruct a customhouse, warehouse, office, wharf, street or other premises under the control of the Bureau of Customs, or any of the approaches to such house or premises.

Sec. 2202. Special Surveillance for Protection of Customs Revenue and Prevention of Smuggling. — In order to prevent smuggling and to secure the collection of the legal duties, taxes and other charges, the customs service shall exercise surveillance over the coast, beginning when a vessel or aircraft enters Philippine territory and concluding when the article imported therein has been legally passed through the customhouse.

Sec. 2203. Persons Having Police Authority. — For the enforcement of the customs and tariff laws, the following persons are authorized to effect searches, seizures and arrests conformably with the provisions of said laws: a. Officials of the Bureau of Customs, collectors, assistant collectors, deputy collectors, surveyors, security and secret-service agents, inspectors, port patrol officers and guards of the Bureau of Customs.

b. Officers of the Philippine Navy when authorized by the Commissioner.

c. Any person especially authorized in writing by the Commissioner.

d. Officers generally empowered by law to effect arrests and execute processes of courts, when acting under direction of the Collector.

e. Any person especially authorized by a Collector, subject to the restrictions stated in the next succeeding section. Persons exercising the powers hereinabove conferred shall, in the exercise thereof, have the same authority, be entitled to the proper protection, and shall be governed by the same law, not inconsistent with the provisions of this section, as other officers exercising police authority in general.

Sec. 2204. Place Where Authority May Be Exercised. — Persons acting under authority conferred pursuant to subsection (e) of the preceding section may exercise their authority within the limits of the collection district only and in or upon the particular vessel or aircraft, or in the particular place, or in respect to the particular article specified in the appointment. All such appointments shall be in writing, and the original shall be filed in the customhouse of the district where made.

All other persons exercising the powers hereinabove conferred may exercise the same at any place within the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Customs.

Sec. 2205. Exercise of Power of Seizure and Arrest. — It shall be within the power of a customs official or person authorized as aforesaid, and it shall be his duty, to make seizure of any vessel, aircraft, cargo, articles, animal or other movable property when the same is subject to forfeiture or liable for any fine imposed under customs and tariff laws, and also to arrest any person subject to arrest for violation of any customs and tariff laws, such power to be exercised in conformity with the law and the provisions of this Code.

Sec. 2206. Duty of Officer or Official to Disclose Official Character. — It shall be the duty of any person exercising authority as aforesaid, upon being questioned at the time of the exercise thereof, to make known his official character as an officer or official of the Government, and if his authority is derived from special authorization in writing to exhibit the same for inspection, if demanded.

Sec. 2207. Authority to Require Assistance. — Any person exercising police authority under the customs and tariff laws may demand assistance of any police officer when such assistance shall be necessary to effect any search, seizure or arrest which may be lawfully made or attempted by him. It shall be the duty of any police officer upon whom such requisition is made to give such lawful assistance in the matter as may be required.

Sec. 2208. Right of Police Officer to Enter...
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