Administration and New Public Management

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J. Basic. Appl. Sci. Res., 2(4)3915-3919, 2012
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Journal of Basic and Applied
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*Corresponding author: Hassan Danaeefard, Associate Professor, Public Administration, Tarbiat Modarres University, (TMU), Tehran, Iran. Email:
The Streaks of New Public Management in Iranian Governmental Sector in the Frame of Privatization Policy
Hassan Danaeefard1*, Seyed Mahdi Alvani2 and Mohammad Reza Noruzi3 1.Associate Professor, Public Administration, Tarbiat Modarres University, (TMU), Tehran, Iran 2.Professor, Public Administration, Allame Tabatabaee University, Tehran, Iran 3.EMBA, PhD candidate, Public Sector Policy Making, Islamic Azad University, Bonab, Iran ABSTRACT

The streaks of new public management mooted itself as a significant part of adjusting economic policies in the frame of privatization policy after war and the beginning of the first 5-year plan of economic, social, cultural and political development in Iran and the first legal permission in order to restrict the size of government in private sector economic and participation in economic affairs was ratified. After the ratification of the first plan of development, which was a prelude to wide planning and decision making of country for economic and social constructivism and development, various plans were passed and performed. This paper aims to study the streaks of new public management in Iranian governmental sector.

KEYWORDS: New Public Management, Iran, Governmental Sector, Privatization. INTRODUCTION
Privatization of public companies was of these plans for eliminating past deficiencies and improvement of economic actions such as the performance of public companies in official-economic system of Iran. Note 32 of this law and its policies considered the government asset and the quantitative and qualitative analysis of economic and social productivity [1]. Also some streaks are shown in the second plan e.g. in the policies related to monetary and market adjustment or personnel of public offices [2]. But after passing and performing of this law, management and planning organization of country did perform various programs of official revolutions in the form of new administrative management strategy which was the main factor of the third plan. The most significant of these plans along development third plan are as following all of which are the fundamental matter of new administrative management: 1. The plan of making reasonable size of administration through detecting and separating the actions related to sovereignty and tenure on the basis of article 64 of 3rd plan of development and the suitable detection of administration cost via the reasonable definition of administration, facilities and resources demanded for managing affairs by administration [2].

2. The reformation plan of administration structure on the purpose of investigation and identification of administration problems and miniaturizing administration in action [3]. 3. The reformation plan of management systems through investigation and detection of council and various decision-making assembly duties and system organizing and reforming in the organizational structure of administration [4].

4. The reformation plan of employing systems through investigating and eliminating the deficiencies of administrative personnel employment regulations in order to develop the jobs in a contractual way instead of official employments [5].

5. The education and improvement plan of administration manpower in order to strengthen them [6]. 6. The processes reformation plan, methods and official technology [7]. 7. The plan of improving human health in official system of administration [8]. Therefore, thedeveloping strategy of administration with the focus on modern administration management obviously can be seen along studying the third plan of economic, social and cultural development. The encouragement of private...
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