Admin: IPR And Access To Medicines In India

Topics: Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Patent, Patent law Pages: 23 (6949 words) Published: February 26, 2013



Project on:-

IPR and access to medicines
in india

Submitted To: Mrs. Shivani Mohan
(Faculty for Economics)

Submitted By: Somya Priyadarshini Roll No.: 471
Semester: IVth , 2nd Year. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

The present project on the “IPR and access to medicines in India” has been able to get its final shape with the support and help of people from various quarters. My sincere thanks go to all the members without whom the study could not have come to its present state. I am proud to acknowledge gratitude to the individuals during my study and without whom the study may not be completed. I have taken this opportunity to thank those who genuinely helped me.

With immense pleasure, I express my deepest sense of gratitude to Mrs.Shivani Mohan, Faculty for Economics, Chanakya National Law University for helping me in my project. I am also thankful to the whole Chanakya National Law University family that provided me all the material I required for the project. Not to forget thanking to my parents without the co-operation of which completion of this project would not had been possible.

I have made every effort to acknowledge credits, but I apologies in advance for any omission that may have inadvertently taken place.

Last but not least I would like to thank Almighty whose blessing helped me to complete the project.

Method of Research:
The researcher has adopted a purely doctrinal method of research. The researcher has made use of the library at the Chanakya National Law University and also the internet sources. Aims and Objectives:

The aim of the project is to present an overview of the terms “IPR and access to medicines in India” through different writings, articles, datas, graphs, and suggestions. Scope and Limitations:

Though the study of the terms Social Secutity measures in India is an immense project and pages can be written over the topic but due to certain restrictions and limitations I was not able to deal with the topic in great detail. The points on which special emphasis has been given in this research are: ❖ Introduction

❖ Patent laws
❖ Patent pools
❖ Counterfeit medicines
❖ Challenges
Sources of Data:
The following secondary sources of data have been used in the project- 1. Websites
Method of Writing:
The method of writing followed in the course of this research paper is primarily analytical. Mode of Citation:
The researcher has followed a uniform mode of citation throughout the course of this research paper.


|Introduction | | | | | |IPR and access to medicines in india | | |Ipr in india | | |Access to Medicines in India | | |Patent laws and requirements of the TRIPS agreement | | | | | |Trade...
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