Adjustments to Live in Another Country

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Adjustments to Live in Another Country
Since 2005 Saudi Arabia government has sent more than 45,000 saudi student To study in the United States. How do they adjust and success as students abroad? If you are going to live in another country for a while, it is necessary to adjust to a new customs, learning a new pattern of socializing and changing your work habits. First, before you go to another country you should learn about its customs that would save time to adjust to it, because many people take time to adjust new customs. For example, many students who came from Saudi Arabia took time to adapt to the american teaching and testing style and they missed points at the beginning for that. Also, the different food customs, you should know what to eat and when. Because the time of meals might be different, it usually depends on the culture of the country. In addition, the clothing customs differ from one country to another. You should know what appropriate to wear in different ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Second, when you go to another country you should be familiar the pattern socializing in that country. You should know how the people there met new people and how they deal with strangers. Furthermore, you should be friendly and make new friends that would help you to adjust to the new community in which you are going to live. Also, when the students go to study abroad they ought to know the law and the rules of the country and the university where they are going to study because each country has its law and its education system. Third, students who study abroad they must change their work habits if it is not compatible with that are followed in the country where they live. However, working habits are not similar in all countries. They might have to change their studying habits and they should control their sleeping time because the different in learning style, work environment and work hours. For example, Saudi education system has always separate...
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