Adjustment: Sociology and New Society

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title (How to adjust yourself in a new society)

Moving to a new society is the most difficult project I might have. The difficulties that I faced in a new society can be a result of culture shock. The reason being, you share your new life with people that have a different background. Recently, I moved to the USA which was the biggest changing in my life. The adapting in a new culture can be a time of experiencing a new customs and value. Adjustment is challenging to me, but I have a lofty target that I hope to achieve it in the country that I moved to. I have adjust myself and take the benefits and learning from new society. The three points that I found it so difficult to adapt myself in was: American culture, lack of social life, and hard responsibility. -------------------------------------------------

When I came to the USA I had many problem with the culture. I also faced misunderstanding from some American's friends. For example, when lived in hotel for first few weeks I used to set a lot in the lobby. The girls at the reception asked me a lot about my father. They thought he is my husband. They shocked when I told them (He is my father and he came with me. They let me felt as I am an dependent person, but I understood this is depend on their culture, because the American's parents like to let their siblings live every experience alone. As a result of this situation I try to integrate myself into American society. I also familiarized myself with America's strong rules. I take steps to respect their rules in everything. For example, paying bills on time, being prompt and following driving rules. I also read a lot...
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