Adjusting to Terrorism Is Not New

Topics: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Crime Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: March 14, 2011

Adjusting to Terrorism
Mylena Santana-Bailey
University of Phoenix
Criminal Justice Administration
Jason C. Hillis
January 31, 2009

Adjusting to Terrorism
Terrorism is not new, and even though it has been used since the beginning of recorded history it can be relatively hard to define. Terrorism has been described variously as both a tactic and strategy; a crime and a holy duty; a justified reaction to oppression and an inexcusable abomination. Obviously, a lot depends on whose point of view is being represented. Terrorism has often been an effective tactic for the weaker side in a conflict. As an asymmetric form of conflict, it confers coercive power with many of the advantages of military force at a fraction of the cost. Due to the secretive nature and small size of terrorist organizations, they often offer opponents no clear organization to defend against or to deter (Terrorism Research, 2008). This paper will propose an administrative change in an effort to effectively combat terrorism in regards to the Fresno Police Department. The Fresno Police Department has not had an immediate threat of terrorism, but the suggested idea of stopping a threat before it happens is my main objective. I am proposing that an elite team, specializing in the prevention of terrorism, be designed and added as a new division. This unit will consist of 10 members to start, adding more as it grows and develops. Each person will be trained and educated on terrorism prevention, and will be expected to obtain information regarding any terrorist plots or schemes in or around the city of Fresno. The unit will also respond to the scene of any criminal act pertaining to terror, and Different types of terrorist threats may carry different risks and potential impacts, therefore strategies may need to adapt accordingly. A challenge facing those who seek to measure progress against terrorism is to identify critical,...
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