Adjusting to Terrorism in the United States

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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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Adjusting to Terrorism
Kimm Baker
CJA- 453
January 31, 2011
John Lally

Adjusting to Terrorism
After the terrorist attack of 9-11, the United States made several changes to policies concerning visitors into the United States. More attention is required at the borders, airports, mail system, and intranet to protect citizens of the United States against terrorism. In this paper, we will discuss a proposal to make the criminal justice agencies in the United States better prepared for terrorist attacks. Border Patrol is part of the criminal justice agency and responsible for protecting the borders of the United States against illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. without proper authorization. I would like to propose the United States completely fencing in our country instead of just fencing a third as we do presently. This will enable our agents to enforce the laws more effectively across the United States. Many borders are open along the Vermont and Canadian. People are able to cross the border without detection. People know there is nothing to stop them from traveling route 2 and disappearing (Peak 2010). This issue needs attention so all borders need patrolled equally to ensure the safety of the United States. The world's longest undefended border is between Canada and the United States. This runs along the 49th parallel of the west coast to Lake Superior and following natural boundaries for the remainder (International Boundary Commission 2011). Expense is a negative consequence to this proposal however, the money the United States saves in health care, education, and loss of employment caused by illegal immigrants will pay for the expansion of the border. Safety is the positive to the border issue, we have too many illegal people crossing into the United States and more force needs to take place in order to change the current situation. With more border protection, the United States can control drug traffic, human...
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