Adjusting to Terrorism 1

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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Adjusting to Terrorism
CJA 453
October 6th, 2010

Adjusting to Terrorism
Many changes have been made within the United States criminal justice system in an effort to combat terrorism more effectively however; many would argue that some of the changes are useless and racist. In many ways they are, but since the September 11, 2001 attacks, there was no other choice. For many years after, America was right on top of every suspicious person and or act. With the development of Homeland Security, and help from the Government, it was nearly impossible for an attack to occur. This did not mean that the war on terrorism was over by any means. Many terrorist tried yet failed to conduct such attacks against America and other countries, but they were stopped immediately once their suspicious activity was well aware of. Here it is now, October 6, 2010 and it is thought my many that several of America’s criminal justice systems have lowered their efforts in protecting the country and its people. This is believed because of the few recent incidents, such as the New York City car bomb attempt, as well as the talk about building a Mosque on Ground Zero. It is almost as if America has forgotten about the tragedy that occurred there. That land is so scared to many. Ground Zero is the final resting place for most of those who have lost their lives from the September 11th attacks. Yet we have a President that condones the possible establishment of the Mosque. If there were to be any change made to the criminal justice system here in America it would have to include making tighter rules on those applying for visa’s and green cards. Background checks should be more thorough, and my all means, such attempts and talks that could hurt America and its citizens, such as building a Mosque on Ground Zero, should be looked at as terrorism. The 14th Amendment is something that many feel the definition of should be changed. This may be the main reason why so many terrorist...
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